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A poem
by Robin Seer

We think your crazy
you know its true.
There's nothing at all
wrong with you.

Tics and tremors
we get those too
I had a hangnail
that's worse than you.

I've heard it said
you want to be sick.
make people feel sorry
thats the trick

you went to the dr
again today
*sigh* tell me what he
had to say

You have an auto immune disease?
So whats the big deal?
It hurts?  Oh PLEASE!!

We know there is nothing
wrong with you.
You just want to lay around
Its True!!

When your head hurts as bad
as mine
Tell me your troubles then
It'll be just fine.

Everyone told me
Its not really that bad.
If you had my shinsplints
you would really be sad.

But anytime you want to come
to me
And tell me your troubles
I'm listening!!

© Robin Seer, 2000

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