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MS poetry, prose, personal experiences and art


I've put up some "feeling" stuff here - what's it like to have multiple sclerosis? I've also got some more general "arty" stuff. If you have anything you'd like to contribute to these pages please mail me at this address.

The Beast by Paul Jones

Who are the people with Multiple Sclerosis? by Virginia Sanchez

A Collection of Poems by Ira Lipsky

My Proclamation by Cindy O'Connor

Two poems by Marsha Delaney Metcalfe

Two poems by Ronda Chatley

Diary of MS - symptoms to diagnosis by Gael Finch

MS by JoAnn Layton

A Collection of Poems by Steven H. Nelson

MS Attack by Sylvie Brown

A Poem by Kelli Davis

Itís Her, Its Me, Itís Us by Andy Budge

Some sketches I did 20 years ago - couldn't do them now

I feel . . . by Jayne Adler

A Poem by Rachelle Ryba

Two Poems by Deborah McGee

A Poem by Julie Danelski

A Poem by Robin Seer