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Multiple Sclerosis Links

With well over 400 categorised links, I've had to split these up onto several pages. So far I have rated and commented the links in the Medical Databases and Dictionaries, Sources of Medical Articles and the Immune System section. I have commented the links in the Homepages section but I don't intend to rate these. Click here for an explanation of my rating system.

23rd November 2000: I am in the process of reorganising the links into a more coherent structure.

MS Homepages
Don't underrate the quality of these pages just because they are not professional sites. These are pages done by people with MS and, just because of that, they are pages that confer a unique understanding of the disease and what it takes to come to terms with it. Often they will tell you exactly what you want to know or just cheer you up when you're feeling a little blue.
Support Organisations
These are links to sites dedicated to providing support for people with MS. A lot of them are professional organisations or charities (such as Multiple Sclerosis Societies).
Forums and Chat Pages
A list of forums, message boards and chat sites where you can talk to other people with MS. You don't have feel alone any more - get talking!
Understanding MS
These are sites which explain multiple sclerosis from a medical standpoint - it's etiology and pathology. The sites very from basic introductions to quite advanced.
MS Symptoms
These links go into the specific symptoms of the disease, how they are caused, their treatment and how to deal with them.
General Medical
These links are to both commercial and not-for-profit general medical sites. They are medically accurate and educational.
Research and Trials
These are links to research and trial sites and contain pointers to what new research is digging up plus the qualification criteria to get onto the trials.
Here are some pages about drugs used to treat MS, the effect of vaccinations etc. Some of these pages belong to drug companies so beware!
Medical and Drug Databases and Dictionaries
These are lookup pages for medical terms, drugs etc.
MS Glossaries
This is a collection of links to MS specific glossaries. I've sepearted this from the Medical Databases and Dictionaries section above because it was getting too big.
Sources of Medical Articles
These sites allow you to search for professional medical articles run by such organisations as the NIH, the BMA etc. By and large, these sites are intended for medical professionals but don't let that put you off -  with some basic medical knowledge, you can get a lot from these sites.
Immune System
These links can be used to get an understanding of how the immune system works especially in relation to autoimmune diseases in general and MS in particular.
These links can be used to find out about how the Central Nervous System (CNS) works. They'll tell you about which nerves join in to which areas of the brain. Since MS is a disease of the CNS, you really need an understanding of basic neurology in order to understand what MS does and how it appears to do it.
News and Other
These are pages concerning MS news or other issues that didn't appear to fit elsewhere.
Other Links Pages
Here are some other link pages if you feel that there aren't enough links here to satisfy you.
A few sites that discuss some of the more practical issues such as disability benefits and the like. This section most definitely needs expansion.
Alterative Therapies
These pages deal with alternative treatments for MS. This section also needs expansion.

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