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Explaining Multiple Sclerosis

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This is a collection of essays about multiple sclerosis, what it is, its different forms, diagnosis, prognosis, symptoms, treaments and other topics.

The intention is to translate the medical understanding of the disease into plain English so that those who have the disease, their families and carers can better understand the condition and how to live with it.

If you have any comments please contact me at or sign my guestbook - I'd love to hear from you. I cannot answer personal health queries - you should discuss these with your GP or neurologist.

What is Multiple Sclerosis?

How does MS do its damage?

Diagnosing MS

Prognosis: What's it going to do to me?

The Symptoms of MS

MS Treatments

MS Treatments: ABCs

MS Treatments: Steroids

The Geography of MS

Gender, Sex, Childbirth and MS

Biological Primer

Neurological Primer

The Immune System

Statistics and MS

New research in MS


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