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Laetoli Man's Software Musings

Click on the highlighted links to download the programs and to get more infomation.

Acol Master Bridge

A gold medal winning Bridge program that explains how it bids. A good tool to learn the basics of the game or to fill in if you only have three players!

Evolution for Windows

Lots of little critters swarm all over your screen evolving into new varieties, eating eachother, barging eachother around, getting sick or just plain making a nuisance of themselves.


A screen saver where lots of little planetary objects collide with eachother, variously explode, merge or just bounce around your desktop or the deep void of space.


Yet another game of solitaire. Exactly the same graphical format as Solitaire and Freecell which are distributed free with Microsoft Windows. Just as time consuming.


A little bit harder to understand than some of the others. GAC stands for Genetic Algorithm Console and allows you to set loads of Genetic Algorithms chasing mathemetical formulae with extroadinary results.


Allows you to map flat rectangular images on to spheres and then revolve them. Great for making animated GIF files for your web pages if you have the right graphics software (e.g. Paint Shop Pro - download a shareware, fully functional evaluation copy from

Cautions and Pointers

You will need WinZip to download all of these programs. You can download a shareware, fully functional evaluation copy from

All these programs have be checked with a recent version of Norton Anti-Virus. However I do not accept any responsiblity for their failure to run nor their suitability for any particular purpose. In no event shall I be liable for any special, indirect or consequential damages. Specifically, I make no guarantees that these programs are error free.

Mail me at if you need any help with any of these programs.