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Laetoli Man's Disclaimer

I am not a medical professional nor do I intend to provide any medical advice to anyone. Please see your family doctor or neurologist if you have any health care concerns.

My intention is to provide accurate information from the perspective of an informed patient. With the exception of a couple of sites (both by other people with MS), I found no single sources for the kind of information that I wanted to know when I started on this voyage of discovery. My intention here is to create the kind of site that I wanted to see when I was first diagnosed.

All my data derives from respected medical textbooks or reliable medical internet sources. Where I voice my own opinions, I clearly state that these are my own opinions.

I am very concerned that what I write here is factually correct to the best of medical science's knowledge. If you find anything here that is factually incorrect, please mail me at I cannot answer personal health queries - you should discuss these with your GP or neurologist.

It is my belief that knowledge is power and that people with MS, or any other disease for that matter, should have the option to be actively involved in their own healthcare. They should not to be dictated to by an "expert" who may, for a number of reasons, not fully involve the patient in the decision making process.

In order to take part in these decisions, it is vital that we are well-informed. We see things differently to doctors, we actually have the disease and its fickle whims directly affect our lives. We have the right to dictate our own health care choices using medical professionals purely as advisors and effectors.

I derive no profit from these pages, nor do I intend to. I am not selling any treatments nor do I have any financial interest in any companies selling medical products.