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The Beast
by Paul Jones

You can cry all the tears in your eyes
until all tears are wept.
You can rest all the hours of the day
until all sleep is slept.

You can talk all the words that you know
until all words are told.
You can fight tooth and nail with your will,
hold your head up so bold.

You can take all the drugs on the shelf,
jab your skin till it's raw.
You can spend all the cash in your bank
on a miracle cure.

You can bury your head in some game,
hide a while - for a day.
You can lift up your head to the sky,
find some hope, you can pray.

You can learn all the facts you can find -
all the books you can buy.
You can drink all the booze in the bar,
drain the bottles all dry.

Still the beast feeds itself on your brain
and it won't go away.
And it is you, my friend, understand
that the beast's here to stay.

It's not over for you, not this time,
and you've still much to give.
And there's still so much love in your heart
and so much life to live.

And the beast won't define you at all,
you must be who you are.
In your soul there's a spirit of love
so just make it go far.

© Paul Jones, 1999