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MS Links: Alterative
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The Association for the Advancement of Applied Psychoneuroimmunology
Glenna's Natural Approach for Her MS
Ask Dr. Weil - Q&A: Alternative Treatments for MS?
Health Directory for Alternative Medicine, Wellness and Fitness
Multiple Sclerosis and Alternative Medicine- HealthWorld Online
The Cerebellum Synthesis: A New Hypothesis of Disease
Skeptic's Dictionary: topical index alternative medicine
The Scientific Review of Alternative Medicine - Home Page
Yoga Journal - Yoga for Health - Yoga and MS
Yoga therapy news
Best Links for Yoga, Metaphysics, Herbs, and Alternative Medicine
Yoga information, postures and benefits. Thriveonline on Oxygen
MS Assoc. of King County / Yoga
Yoga: Uniting Mind, Body, and Spirit
NMSS on Yoga

Medical Marijuana

Marijuana: The Good, the Bad, the Truth
UK Medicinal Cannabis Project
How Marijuana Became Illegal
The Great Marijuana CONSPIRACY!

Apitherapy (Bee Venom) Links

Multiple Sclerosis - Alternative Remedies - by Dianne
Dianne's site concentrates on apitherapy and has a FAQ about Apitherapy and a great set of apitherapy links.

Apitherapy, Bee Venom Therapy
American Apitherapy Society - HomePage
Bee Venom Therapy Journal
The Bee Lady
Honeybees for Bee Venom Therapy is only a click away!

Diet Links

The Cause of Multiple Sclerosis - Home of the Registered Charity: DIRECT-MS
Multiple Sclerosis - Natural "Recovery"
The Paleolithic Diet
Swank Multiple Sclerosis Clinic
Welcome to John Pageler's Home Page
Web Site Collection (mostly gluten-free)
Multiple Sclerosis and Dietary Intervention

Dental Amalgams

Amalgam and MS
Procarin Patch/New MS Treatment
Procarin Treatment for MS
Procarin Resources
Community Drug - Procarin

Magnetic Fields

The "ENERMED": Non Invasive Therapy


Vitamin D


Acupuncture Page
Neuroscience, Neurophysiology and Acupuncture

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