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Herpes Viruses

The Herpes family of viruses is a successful one containing over 100 different varieties that affect a wide range of animal species. The word, "Herpes", comes from the ancient Greek word, "Herpein", meaning to creep and reflects these viruses' ability to become latent in various human cells and reactivate themselves later on.

There are eight known human herpes viruses belonging to three sub-families:

a-herpes b-herpes g-herpes
There are probably more human herpes viruses because all the known ones are recent discoveries (for example, CMV and VZV in the 1950s, EBV in the 1960s and HHV-6, -7 and -8 in the 1980s). The herpes virus family are of interest to multiple sclerosis because five of this family has been repeatably associated with the disease and almost all herpes viruses have been linked to one autoimmune disease or another.

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