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Apitherapy, also known as Bee Venom Therapy, is a contraversial alternative treatment for multiple sclerosis which involves getting honey bees to sting oneself.

Caution: Many people are allergic to bee venom and it can elict serious reactions including DEATH. For this reason, it is very important to undergo Apitherapy under the guidance of a professional apitherapist.

Around 20 or more bees are used per session. The area of the skin being used for treatment is first iced up. Each individual bee is held with a pair of tweezers and put against the skin to deliver the sting. The bee's stinger is left in the skin for around 20 minutes to extract all the venom.

Some people have claimed dramatic results from apitherapy but it must be born in mind that such reports are anecdotal.

Clinical trials that have studied the use of apitherapy for MS have been largely negative or inconclusive. One such study using an animal model of MS, EAE, failed to show any benefit [Neurology 1998; 50:A424].

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