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EFFEXOR XR Hospitalized patient, moderately anxious depressed patients, most likely to achieve remission, patients of multiple meds, elderly patients, treatment resistant patients, generalized anxiety disorder patients WELLBUTRIN SR Withdrawn, overeating, hypersomnolent, fatigued patients, patients with concentration and attention problems, patients with sexual dysfunction PROZAC Patients with minimal anxiety, comorbid bulimia, OCD ZOLOFT Elderly patients with mild anxiety, patients on multiple meds, patients with associated panic, post-traumatic stress disorder, OCD CELEXA Patients on multiple meds, patients with mild anxiety, least expensive of SSRIís PAXIL Patients with mild anxiety, with irritable bowel syndrome, with associated OCD, panic and social phobia SERZONE Patients with significant persistent anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, sexual dysfunction REMERON Patients with weight loss, marked insomnia, moderate-severe anxiety, sexual dysfunction, patients who are treatment-resistant
Depression and the discovery of antidepressants
 Antidepressants: Medicine for Depression
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