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Itís Her, Its Me, Itís Us
by Andy Budge

My lovely wife has got it
The thing we call M.S.
It throws our life around a bit
We end up in a mess.

Our Doctor can not help at all
Although he really tryís
But heís not there when itís too much
And she just sits and cries.

Like when her eye is playing up
Or spasms through the night
Especially around her heart
That gives us such a fright.

We used to do so many things
And loved a five mile walk
But M.S. put a stop to that
So now we sit and talk.

But I guess that we are lucky
For after thirty years
We still share all the good times
The bad times, and the tears.

We now enjoy our grandchildren
And have another on the way
To see and hear these children
Helps us through another day.

Some days when things are going well
I thank the Lord above
But the thing that keeps us going
Is simply known as ďLoveĒ

© Andy Budge, 14.4.2000