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Acetaminophen is an analgesic pain killer and antipyretic fever reducer. It is the preferred treatment for patients with aspirin allergy, ulcers, or clotting (bleeding) disorders. Patients who are taking medicines to treat gout can safely take acetaminophen. Acetaminophen as an alternative to Ibuprofen to mitigate against the 'flu like side-effects of beta-interferons.

It is sold under a large number of brand names including Algesidal, Atasol, Claradol, Codabrol, Cod-Acamol Forte, Codalgin, Codapane, Codaphen, Codicet, Codisal, Codisal Forte, Codoliprane, Codral, Cosutone, Dafalgan, Dolorol, Dymadon, Empracet, Liquigesic, Margesic, Maxadol, Medocodene, Migraleve, Myapap, Paceco, Panadeine, Panado-Co, Panamax, Paracod, Paracodol, Paradine, Parake, Phenaphen, Proval, Pyregesic-C, Rockamol, Sunetheton, Tricoton, Ty-Deine, Ty-Pap, Ty-Tab, Tylagesic and Tylenol.

It is often formulated with other drugs most notably codeine and Hydrocodone - alkaloid pain-killers derived from morphine. It provides mild to moderate pain relief and is used to treat a wide variety of painful ailments including fever; hay fever, headache, influenza, migraine, pruritus and sinusitis.

You should consult a doctor before taking Acetaminophen in conjunction with other drugs including alcohol, antacids, cimetidine, medicines for mental problems and psychotic disturbances, phenobarbital and warfarin.

Adverse reactions are rare provided that you stick to recommended doses. Exceeding these doses is potentially very serious. Possible side effects include blood in stools, reduction of urine production, difficulty breathing, fever, nausea, vomiting, skin rashes, stomach cramps, unusual bleeding or bruising, pinpoint red spots on the skin, unusual tiredness or weakness and jaundice. Some of these side-effects are also symptoms of multiple sclerosis.

If you get any of these side effects you should see your doctor right away. Overdose is very painful and potentially fatal.

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